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Magic Hair Comb

Magic Hair Comb

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Create the perfect hairstyle with this hottest hair accessory-Handmade Beaded Comb
You deserve to feel like a queen. This Magic Hair Comb helps style your glorious tresses and revamp your look while securing your hair firmly in place. It doesn't matter what type of hair you've got, you can style it in many different ways using the Magic Hair Comp.
The Magic Clip is the most versatile hair comb that you will over own with over 20 Different hair styles with each Magic Comb.

The Magic Combs are all handmade hair clips featuring beautiful beads in different colours and styles, all made to the highest quality.

Keep your hair beautifully styled for any occasion. You can be casual or formal and create a salon quality hairstyle that is secure, lasting and gives your hair a neat and tidy elegant look in seconds.Simply slide one comb in one side, hold and stretch the other comb to fit in the other side.


✔️ Easy and simple to use.
✔️ Works in long, short, thick, thin, curly, straight, wet or dry hair.
✔️ No more headaches or damage. The combs hold your hair, not the elastic.
✔️ Our combs are scientifically engineered, yet lightweight and durable.
✔️ Our designs are elegant and sophisticated.
✔️ Great for the beach, the office, or a night out on the town!
✔️ Style the bun, ponytail, half-up, cascade or the messy bun in seconds.
✔️ Stays in place all day!

Package Included

  •  1 x Magic Hair Comb

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