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Angels Wing Unicorn Pegasus Hair Stick

Angels Wing Unicorn Pegasus Hair Stick

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🦄Join the Worldwide Feather Tribe with this stunning hand carved white bone angel wing unicorn pegasus hair stick. A unique statement piece crafted here in Bali.

💖It has considerable weight, but once it enters your hair, you won't notice it. It looks very fragile, especially the bottom is tapered, but the pure bone makes it extremely hard.


The whole hair stick from top to tip is around 9 inches (23 cms) long.
The wing is 3.5 inches (9 cms) from the top to tip and 1 inch wide (3 cms) at the widest point.
The width of the unicorn horn is just over a quarter inch (1 cm)


Wings, unicorn horns and feathers are used

Hand-carved bones of indigenous Indonesian buffalo that are sustainably obtained and fair traded. The overhanging feathers are hand-carved from abalone shells.

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